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Community Lutheran Church is just that:  a community.

We are a community of people who yearn to make a difference to benefit the world around us, via soup kitchens, backpack ministry, and so on.

We are a community who offer a warm and loving welcome to everybody unconditionally and are proud to be a Reconciling in Christ congregation, welcoming LGTBQ people fully.

We are a community committed to the Christian ideal of unconditional divine grace and who seek to live the teachings of Jesus.

We are a community of people from many backgrounds: Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, and many more, and we stand ready to welcome even more diversity to strengthen us all!

Community Lutheran Church is a place that wishes to welcome you, just as you are, and join with you in serving those around us!

Peace be with you!

Pastor Chris

We welcome all to Strengthen faith by learning to live Christ-like lives,
Serve others through giving, caring, and loving, and Share Christ through worship and witness.