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Church Council:

Carol Seaman Council – Pres.
Ron Nimmer Council – VP
Elaine Heinl Council – Sec.

The Church Council is made up of nine members of the congregation. They are elected for three year terms; each year three council members are elected. The council has general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation. The council leads the congregation in its mission, does long range planning, provides for the administration of the congregation, and seeks to involve all members in sharing the good news of the Gospel, serving others, and strengthening faith through worship and study.

Discipleship – Judy Arthofer & Kim Cooley Giving
The basic objectives of this team are to initiate programs for the development of good discipleship practices in regard to our use of time, talents, and treasures. These practices include prayer, study, worship, inviting, encouraging, serving, and giving. Examples of some of these programs are studies on prayer, special worship services, and an emphasis on dedicated, proportionate, first fruits giving.

Fellowship – Enid and Bob Barnum Fellowship
The Fellowship Committee works to provide a wide variety of opportunities for Christian fellowship through the congregation to cultivate a spirit of Christian harmony, promote friendships, and to foster an atmosphere of caring and acceptance. Dinners, picnics, and P.E.P. (People Enjoying People) groups which meet in homes are some of the activities organized by this committee.

Finance – Anthony Bravo Finance
Informing the council and making recommendations regarding the financial security of the congregation are the responsibilities of the Finance Committee. Some of the responsibilities of this committee include developing an annual income and expense budget, negotiating and securing adequate insurance, managing long term investments, advising council regarding contracts, and overseeing deposit and recording of all funds. This committee works closely with the Stewardship Committee.

Outreach – Communication – Judy Arthofer Outreach
To seek ways to reach out to the unchurched with the Good News, and to help integrate new members into the church family are the basic objectives of the Outreach Committee. Activities such as educating the congregation about global mission work, participating in community activities, advertising, maintaining road front signs, developing the website, arranging for greeters and new member sponsors, coordinating a Eucharistic minister program, and offering Welcome packets for visitors help to meet this objective.

Parish Education – Abria Vodenichar Education
The goal of the Parish Education Committee is to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ through providing a program of Faith Formation which emphasizes faith living in the means of grace. The Parish Education Committee provides for children’s and adult faith formation, youth, confirmation, Vacation Bible School, and other Christian education activities.

Property – Dennis Carignan Property
The Property Committee oversees the maintenance, repair, and improvement of church property. The committee arranges for work crews for special repair, improvement, cleaning, painting, decorating, landscaping, and other projects as well as monitoring service contracts.

Social Ministries – Marie Lewis Social
This committee keeps the congregation informed as to areas of social concern and needs in the community, nation, and world; and plans and coordinates the congregational response to those needs. Some of the areas of involvement include a fun and fellowship program for Senior Citizens in the community, support to Tabitha’s Ministry (a local halfway house for women released from prison), and coordinate volunteers for Red Cross blood drives. Check the current service opportunities.

Worship and Music – Val Lepko & Carol Womble Worship
This committee supervises and directs all worship and music activities of the congregation. Besides overseeing the Music Staff (choir director, accompanists), the committee oversees and trains the Altar Guild, ushers, lay readers, worship assistants, acolytes, and crucifers. The committee also works with the pastor in planning and scheduling the services of the year including special services.

Youth & Family Ministry – Abria Vodenichar Youth
The objective of this committee is to involve the young people of the congregation in the work of Christ, to provide for their spiritual growth and nurture, and to promote genuine Christian fellowship for the young people of the congregation. This is ministry done by the youth as well as to the youth. Some of the youth activities include planning the worship and participating in youth Sundays, retreats, fund raisers, and trips to concerts and amusement parks.