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We serve others through giving, caring, and loving. We are a faith community rich in love for our members and those around us. To carry out God’s call to serve, we are actively involved in hands-on service ministries in our community.

AA and Al-Anon

AA meetings are Monday evenings at the church for ongoing support to continue recovery from addiction
Al – Anon meetings are Monday evenings at the church to support families and close friends of those recovering from addiction.

Backpack Program

The Women of Community provide monetary support to the Backpack Ministry of Oak Ridge, Summerfield and Stokesdale Elementary, Northwest Middle and High Schools for needy students.

This past school year we sponsored four students at Summerfield Elementary and one student at Stokesdale Elementary. This sponsorship included weekly weekend food, school supplies at the beginning and middle of the school year, holiday treats and family meals at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter as well as a gift card at the end of the year for summer food . We gave our students birthday and Christmas gifts. .We hold a yard sale in May to raise funds for this project.

Blood Drive

Blood Drive

CLC participates in a community blood drive. Several churches in the Summerfield area work with the Red Cross to organize the blood drive. Usually it is held on a Monday from 2:30 – 6:30 PM, and rotates from member churches on a quarterly basis.

Family Promise

We have recently made a decision and a commitment to become involved with the Family Promise program. Family Promise is a nation wide, non profit organization that provides clean, safe, and temporary housing for homeless families. Food and fellowship is provided by volunteers from local churches. Coaching and counseling is also available at no charge.

Girl Scouts

Community Lutheran Church is host to three Girl Scouts troops, who enjoy the use of the spacious Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and classrooms for meetings. Girls also use the church for “lock-in” sleepovers, events and ceremonies, and outdoor adventures on the church grounds. The Girl Scouts influence also spreads throughout the community with the many service projects they organize here.

Good Samaritan Ministries of Stokesdale

The second Saturday and Sunday of every month, the Women of Community sponsor a fund raiser for the GSMS. Donations collected are used to purchase 24-1 pound bags of rice and 24-1 pound bags of pinto beans for donation to the food pantry operated by GSMS. Money collected always exceeds the cost of the food; the additional money is donated to GSMS to fund additional food purchases or for assistance to families during a time of temporary crisis. The beans and rice donated to the food pantry are purchased at wholesale cost which maximizes the amount of cash which can be donated to GSMS for its ministries.

The mission statement for GSMS is as follows: “Good Samaritan Ministries of Stokesdale, Inc. is a cooperative outreach ministry supported by local congregations whose mission is to serve those in need in the Stokesdale Community to the best of our ability and as God leads and to gather the community together for worship and celebration of God’s presence through Jesus Christ.”

As a result of support given to GSMS by Community Lutheran Church, Summerfield residents in need are also given assistance.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Needles Little Love

The second and fourth Monday of each month, the ministry meets at a members home to knit or crochet prayer shawls, or prayer scarves. They are later blessed at a service and distributed to members or to friends of members. This is for people who are having medical problems or in need of special prayers. When the knitters gather to knit we often spend time catching up on each others families, our health issues, or just to find a great place to eat. Sometimes we will watch a movie and have popcorn.

Comments we have heard from those that received our shawls are: “Thank you for the prayer scarf. I feel lucky and protected when I am wearing it.”

Another: Thank you for your prayers and helping me through a very difficult time in my life.” Another commented “I can feel the love and prayers in every stitch.”

All levels of knitters and crocheters are welcome. If you are a novice, someone can teach you. If you don’t want to knit, you can make monetary donations to the “needles Little Love” ministry to buy yarn.

Weaver House

Weaver House is the homeless shelter for adults that is run by Greensboro Urban Ministries. On the fourth Saturday of the even months of the year, we cook and serve dinner and offer a worship service with communion for the residents staying at Weaver House.

Our cooks get the meal started and then those who are serving help to complete preparations and serve the guests. All ages participate!

We provide “Prayer Request Cards” for the guests and then collect them during the meal. These prayers are lifted up during the informal worship service following the meal and are also lifted up the next day at our worship services. The prayer request cards are passed out to the congregation and, at the appropriate time, prayers are lifted up from all parts of the sanctuary!

Our service at Weaver House not only blesses the guests, but also blesses us!