Partnering with Flat Rock United Methodist Church 2018-02-18T17:40:29+00:00

Sisters and brothers in Christ at Community, greetings!


It is with joy that I announce that our Council voted last 2/13 to select our new location: Flat Rock United Methodist Church!  FRUMC is 4 miles north, at 6720 Hwy 158, Stokesdale.  We’ll announce the new worship and education schedule soon.  Our initial agreement will be for six months and then we will reevaluate how things are going.


We are very pleased that Pastor Clarinda Crawford and the members of FRUMC want to do more than rent to us.  They want to partner with us.  We will explore the possibilities as we seek to strengthen both our ministries together.  We will remain Community Lutheran, with our own worship service and our own activities; they will remain FRUMC, with their own worship service and activities.  We hope to grow together as we get to know one another, but remain our own entities.


This is a chance for us to explore the possibilities of what it means to be church, what it means to be Community Lutheran, and how we can work with another congregation.  It is a chance for us to serve, both on our own and with the Methodists.  And it is a chance for us to continue to belong together. 


And we need you, all of you.  If you feel unsure about this transition, please give it a try for a while.  If you feel that we have income from the building and we don’t need to continue to give to CLC, please remember that we have to live within our means and our goal is to balance our expenses with our regular income.  Our Financial Team will still decide how to use the money we get from the sale of the church.  We need our people, our family.  We need our giving.  And if those are in place, who knows what amazing directions God could hold for us to explore!  Who knows what service we can offer to the world!  And there could be no limits on our continuing to belong together.


Peace to you all as we go through this exciting and challenging time!